Business & B2B Research

B2B Research is one of the core strength of ROPTS. We understand the B2B market like an experts. Our association with some of the largest e-Retailers and B2B platforms can prove our capabilities. ROPTS committed to provide accurate and actionable consumer insight very fast. We are committed to answer each question faced by B2B client. B2B and Business research services by ROPTS offers great value to our clients.

Some of the leading companies hire us to conduct the Employee Satisfaction Surveys. Companies have the challenges to retain the highly performing employees and managing the internal issues, including salaries, perks & increments. Some of the key factors like company image, culture, job content, working environments, colleagues, salaries, perks, incentives, women safety, etc. plays vital role in employees satisfaction. ROPTS survey results give companies the actual insights and effective solutions. Employees Satisfaction Surveys by online mode saves a lot of time and cost. We also use methods like telephone, or F2F interviews.

  • ESAT for a leading FMCG brand in India
  • ESAT for a well-known IT company in India

“When the customer comes first, the customer will last.” – Rubert Half.
Our studies suggests that every year many companies lose more than 20% customers and add the new ones. It is proved that a small fraction of increase in customer loyalty can increase profits by many times. So understanding who our customers are and how they feel are vital to grow any brand.

For any company it is crucial to measure and analyze the customer loyalty and how customers are satisfied with products or services. We try to assist companies to improve customer satisfaction by taking regular feedbacks from live customers. ROPTS helps clients in:

  • Customer retention
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer life cycle
  • To increase word of mouth
  • To improve staff morale
  • CSAT for a leading FMCG brand in India

Mergers and acquisitions research

ROPTS helps companies to select the right partner for merger or acquisition. We do the in-depth research and analysis of both companies to underline the strength and weaknesses and future consequences. In any merger or acquisition, it is important to maintain the faith among the customers. Our research measures satisfaction and loyalty of the customers due to merger or acquisition.

Customer segmentation is the process to classify the market into groups of consumers who share similar characteristics.It is important for any company to genuinely identify the target market and segmenting the customers. ROPTS Customer Segmentation and Usage & Attitude studies (U&A), help clients position their businesses correctly and ensure they are targeting and attracting the right customers, to improve profitability and communication strategies. Customer segmentation consist the demographics of the customers, like: age, gender, household composition, education, income, sociology economic classification, consumer attitudes, behaviors, etc.

:- Industrial research

:- International market research