Consumer Research

For most successful organisations, the customers comes first. ROPTS helps organisations in designing their strategies and decision making process as per consumer’s requirement. Our consumer market research and insight gives unbiased opinion of the customers to lay the foundation of any new step. Our goal is to increase the success rates of product or services. Consumer research try to understand the consumer decision making process which turn brands into the category winners.

Customer segmentation research

Usage and awareness (U&A) research

Customer satisfaction survey

“A small fraction in increase in Customer Loyalty can increase Companies Profits by many folds.” To understand the customer is the key to progress the brand. ROPTS has expertise in conducting the customer satisfaction surveys and customer loyalty analysis. Customer satisfaction surveys by ROPTS derived by the following factors:

  • Customer retention program
  • Improvement in customer loyalty
  • Increasing word of mouth (Net Promoter Score)
  • To identify new ways to improve customer satisfaction services
  • Enhance the morale of customers

Consumer Perception Research 

Concept and product testing 

Research Advertising research at ROPTS

For any company it is important to know that how effective your advertising and brand communications are? Specialist researchers from ROPTS helps companies or individuals to develop the effective advertising and other marketing communications. ROPTS advertising research includes: Ad pre testing Creative development Ad post testing (ad impact) Advertising awareness Advertising and brand tracking

Advertising Research:

  • Ad impact assessment study for Mail Today

World’s most successful brands are those that connect with consumers at an individual or personal level. ROPTS excels to find out how the consumers are connected with the brands, consciously and subconsciously. ROPTS helps clients to understand branding strategies for any products and services. Our brand research includes:

  • Brand image studies
  • Brand name testing
  • Brand awareness studies
  • Brand positioning and development studies
  • Brand tracking studies

Brand research:

  • Brand Name testing study for “Noble Spirit”

ROPTS research believes in creating new ideas for success of our clients. Our exhaustive research among consumers make sure to come up with great innovative ideas for new product development. Some of our NPD research services includes:

  • Concept test
  • Product sampling research
  • Product packaging research
  • Product usability research
  • Product pricing research

NPD research:

  • New Product Development study for a health drink brand in India

ROPTS strongly believes that ant company can enhance sales is packaging, designs are unique and high quality. Packaging design and communications are crucial at the point of purchase. We researchers are finding the new ways to do the packaging and communications by taking the in-depth briefs from the consumers. Even is smallest things like bottle cap or size of packets can have huge impacts on the sales of any product.