Criminal Verification – Police/Court

Criminal Record Checks Are Mandatory Checks For Hiring Because No Employer Wants To Hire Someone Unsuitable For Particular Work Roles. However, In Industries Where Employees Are Working With Children, The Elderly Or Other Vulnerable Communities, Police Checks Are Vital For An Organization To Rule Out Employing People Who Are Past Offenders. In These Cases, Where An Employer Believes That A Criminal Record Is Relevant To A Specific Job, They Are Required To State This Clearly In The Job Ad, In Information Sent Out To Applicants & In Recruitment Briefs To Agencies. Organizations Conduct Criminal Background Checks To Reduce Legal Liability For Negligent Hiring & To Ensure A Safe Work Environment For Employees.

Criminal Verification - Police Record Checks

What – Police Verification Provides Information On Any FIRs Lodged Against The Subject At The Local Police Station.

Police Verification Is A Very Sensitive Check & Is Today Considered To Be An Important Form Of Criminal Verification For Industries Like Guarding, Transportation & Education etc. With The Increasing Number Of Crimes, Employers Are Taking Up Police Verification For All Employees Holding Sensitive Positions. Employees With Criminal Records Pose a Threat To Other Employees, Company’s Reputation & Assets.

Our Special Investigation Team Would Visit The Police Department To Obtain The Information On The Criminal Antecedents Of The Individual.

Criminal Verification - Court Record Checks

Court Record Check Is Done To Check If there Is Any Court Case Against The Said Candidate In The Local Court Of The Given Jurisdiction, High Court & The Supreme Court.

With The Number Of Defaulters & The Rate Of Frauds On The Rise, Fool Proof Employee Verification Is Not Complete Without a Court Records Check. Court Record Check Dig Up Records Of Illegal Activities That Prospective Employees Might Have Indulged In, As Well As Of Criminal Or Civil Offences Which Have Led To Litigation. By Carrying Out Court Record Checks At Pre-Employment Stage, You Put A ‘No Entry’ Sign For The Wrong Type Of Personnel Into Your Company.

This Check Is Conducted In Association With Leading Law Firms Registered With The Bar Council of India.