Employment Verification

ROPTS Employers’ Records. The Employment Verification Process Takes The Information About One Or More Employers As Provided On A Subject’s Application Or Resume & Verifies The Accuracy By Directly Contacting Those Employers. The Information We Compare & Verify With The Employer Can Include Dates Of Employment & Job Position, & May Include The Reason For Leaving & Eligibility For Rehire.

Human Resource Managers know there are applicants that embellish their resume to make a better impression and increase the chance of being hired. Nearly every employer takes the experience gained in past jobs into account when deciding which person to hire. Changing start and end dates, job titles, and job responsibilities can only truly be verified by contacting employers. To prevent hiring people with exaggerated required on-the-job experience for the position, you can easily add an employment verification to your background check order. 

Each employment verification report includes verification of employment with one employer.

Do take into account that while our goal is to update our instant database with new counties and new county records regularly, it is possible that a traditional on-premise court house search would provide more up-to-date information and could, for example, show that a criminal record with a pending case status in our instant data base has been recently dismissed.