Identity Verification

Identity fraud in India accounts for 77 % of the fraud cases. Today, as instances of identity fraud and theft are on the rise, Identity verification of all individuals (employees, candidates, vendors and visitors) quickly and in a reliable manner, is of paramount importance.

There is no denying that trust comes from being able to identify and recognize. With rapidly growing digital interactions, identity verification in real-time is becoming the need of the hour. We need to verify our employees, vendors and business partners at work, at various points like, visitor management systems, daily attendance, on-boarding of new staff or customers, to name a few. This goes a long way in ensuring that all the employees that you hire are the right fit for your organisation.


Identity verification is the stepping stone for ensuring a secure workplace! Genuineness of the stated identity documents needs to be checked before basing trust and granting access and privileges! Using advanced APIs, businesses can streamline identity verification of employees, candidates  and visitors on campus or  banks can facilitate know your customer services by validating Aadhaar, PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving License or Passport.

We offer advanced platforms to deliver identity check results in real time.

The ROPTS Advantage

  • Fastest identity verification services using tech-enabled platforms
  • API integration with your systems for easy delivery of reports

Aadhaar Authentication

Why do Aadhaar Authentication?

In today’s world, when the proof of identity of an individual is essential for access to goods and services, there has been an alarming rise in cases of identity theft and data breaches. This results in a grave scenario, where criminals can gain access to identity information of somebody and use it as their own. In addition to it, as a person’s identity is no longer just an offline document and identifying a candidate digitally is critical too. Increased government and industry regulations (such as AML, KYC, and SOX) hence seek to place the responsibility on businesses to carry out identity authentication and make sure that their customers or employees aren’t fraudsters or identity thieves.
Aadhaar authentication hence provides a quick, cheap and reliable source of identity verification.

Key Validations

We have access to authentic Aadhaar information and our advanced APIs allow us to authenticate identity of a person instantly. These APIs facilitate Aadhaar-based eKYC by verifying identity using biometrics or through OTP. The data that can be validated using Aadhaar authentication includes:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Mobile number(if provided)
  • Aadhaar Number







Identity verification are conducted to check authenticate the identity of a candidate at the time of on-boarding. An identity verification company authenticates the national IDs of the individual such as Voter’s ID, Passport, driving licence, and so on, and very whether the person furnishing the documents is the person who he claims to be.

Address verification, employment verification and authentication of all documents are done here to prove the genuine identity of the individual.

Identity verification services help organisations avoid hiring untrustworthy candidates. There are many cases of fraudulent employees wreaking havoc on the company by pretending to be someone else, by divulging trade secrets, by leaking confidential client information and by indulging in other criminal activities.

Identity check can help eliminate these threats by authenticating whether the person is really who they say they are.

Personal identity verification of full-time, part-time and contractual employees helps organizations in multiple ways. Employers can check:

  • If authentic documents have been submitted or not
  • If the candidate matches with the name and photo on the ID
  • If employees are loyal to the company
  • If new hires are transparent in their communication and have revealed all important information

In addition to these benefits, identity verification can help organizations successfully meet the mandates of conducting identity checks in India with ease. Speak to our team at ROPTS for more information.


Identity theft accounts for 77% of the criminal cases plaguing India. Without identity verification, organisations, financial institutions and government bodies find themselves victims of frauds, thefts and other major crimes.

A candidate, if unverified, can be a threat to create a safe work environment. It is imperative that the organization approaches an identity verification company for its identity check services to make sure they process only those candidates who are transparent and honest.

Hiring the services of an identity verification company is the best way to protect your organization against any fraud. Professionals specializing in identity check services assist employers in finding out if the documents submitted by the candidate are genuine or not. Companies conducting identity check can authenticate the credentials of an individual by verifying their national identity documents.

A lot of cases in past have come into light, where criminals portray themselves to be the representatives of prestigious universities or companies and who claim to offer college seats or jobs for money. These identity thieves are a threat to the safety and well-being of individuals. Identity check can protect individuals and businesses from these threats and help authenticate the real identity of individuals and organizations.

ROPTS is a leading background verification company that specializes in conducting identity checks. Our identity verification services include verification and authentication of:

  • National identity verification documents
  • Bank documents
  • IT returns
  • Salary slips
  • Address proof documents and bills