License Check

Why do Driving License Verification?

Your proof of identity has recently become quintessential for everything, right from purchasing a product to accessing a service. It hence, becomes extremely important not just to keep it secure, but also ensure that the identity of all your customers and employees is genuine and verifiable too. To top it all, there has been a steady increase in government and industry regulations (such as AML, KYC, and SOX) that seek to place the responsibility on businesses to carry out identify authentication to ensure that their customers aren’t fraudsters or identity thieves. One of the best ways to verify the identity of your customers is a simple driver license check.
Driving license verification not just helps you to verify the identity and other personal details of your clients accurately, but also enables you to keep fraudsters at bay.

Key Validations

ROPTS has access to authentic data from Parivahan and other similar sources. We use our advanced APIs and this genuine data to authenticate an individual’s driving license instantly. Driving license verification requires a name and the license Number, or just an image of the driving license of your client, which the OCR software can read. Antecedents that can be validated through instant driving license verification include:

  • Name of the person
  • License Number