Opinion Polls & Political Surveys

ROPTS Market Research Services have mastery in conducting the Opinion Polls and Political Surveys. We have served some of the leading parties in political surveys. Our researchers have expertise in conducting the Opinion Polls. Often we also conduct the opinion polls on the social media platform to get quickest turnaround.



Opinion polls on the current affairs are very effective and fast. Our dedicated team of field researchers have the capability to submit the reports for the opinion polls in a day time. Many times, Exit Polls by the ROPTS have been proved most accurate. Our sampling methods are systematic and robust.

It is very important to know what is the image of any political leader is among his area. ROPTS expert Researchers are going to the actual grounds and find out the perception of the local residents. Our sampling and respondent selection is unique. We make sure to cover each type of respondent in equal proportion.

If any political alliance know the voting intentions, the half work is done. At ROPTS we helps politicians to give ground report by conducting surveys among the voters. Our strong field force helps to collect the periodic data and execute the strategy as per voter’s intention. We analyze the swing factors carefully and suggest politicians to work as per swing factor.

We do the SEC profiling of voters to formulate the strategy for the politicians. Our profiling not based on the position of We are so that