Professional Reference Check

Reference Check Adds to Background Screening

Professional references help organizations gain an additional level of information on their applicant, beyond what is listed on their resume, that can provide them greater insight to a person’s work ethic and abilities.

ROPTS offers a standard and premium level reference check service to help expedite the process HR professionals must complete when screening an applicant. Both include the contacting of colleagues and coworkers to gauge the applicant’s capabilities and authenticate work history.

The standard check uses a traditional set of questions and/or customers can develop a custom list. ROPTS premium service includes a more comprehensive, performance-based reference check that provides a 360-degree view of a candidate.

The ROPTS References Checks Adds To Background Screening, Since Former Colleagues Can Often Provide Insight Into A Candidate’s work Ethic And Character, And Can Be Used As Another Method Of Checking Candidate Integrity. During The Reference Check ROPTS Asks A Series Of Standardized Open-Ended Questions To The Person Provided As A Reference By The Candidates And Then Documents Their Responses.

Can Provide Insight Into A Candidate’s Work Ethic & Character

Can Be Used As Another Method Of Checking Candidate Intergrity.


 Standardized Reference Check Questions:

  • What Was The Working Relationship You Had With This Person? Length Of Time Worked With?
  • How Would You Describe Their Interpersonal Skills?
  • What Would You Say Motivated The Individual Most?
  • What Would You Say Are Their Strongest Attributes?
  • Would You Rehire/Recommend For Rehire?
  • Is There Anything You Would Like To Add?